Boston cop faces OUI charge after bad Hyde Park crash

WBZ-TC reports Officer Richard Jeanetti was charged today with OUI and other charges for a crash in May while he was off duty, at West and Austin streets.

Innocent, etc.




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So if it wasn't for the news story

He probably would have got off? That's friggin crazy.
I know it would probably cost a lot of money, but it always seemed that it might be helpful for the feds, or some other independent investigative body, to get involved in stuff like this, when it seems like there might be some kind of corrupt conspiracy to protect a crooked or fucked-up cop.
Also, I would have liked to see Menino interviewed on this, just to see what he might have to say.

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Trust me Dan

He wouldn't have gotten off.

There have been plenty of police coverups in Boston over the years but this was not one of them.

This is fairly common practice when IA reports are involved. Remember, there were two investigations here. The actual crash, and the investigation into the officers who may not have been truthful.

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IA after criminal charges

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According to the original I-Team article linked in a previous item, The internal investigation would take place after the criminal process.

[BPD quoted as saying]: "The Boston Police Department is and has been cooperating fully with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and has recommended that the matter be taken before a Grand Jury. An internal investigation will take place for a review of administrative rules violations following the criminal process."

The article also states:

Boston Police have the evidence, the authority and the power to take out a criminal complaint against Officer Jeanetti.They could have done that at any time since Friday May 25th.

Sounds like they were sitting on this one to me while their buddy still collected Administrative Restricted Duty pay.

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Not true Kaz

I'll guess you'll have to just wait on the reports to see the truth.

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