Boston cop indicted for alleged high-speed drunken smashup that sent woman to hospital

A police officer from Hyde Park will face charges in Suffolk Superior Court for a May 24 crash at Austin and West streets that broke a Hyde Park woman's leg and fractured one of her vertebrae, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Richard Jeanetti, 36, was indicted today by a Suffolk County grand jury for the crash, which prosecutors say was caused when an off-duty Jeanetti, in a Toyota Tundra and with a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit, ignored a stop sign on West Street, just as the victim was entering the intersection from Austin in her Accord around 11:50 p.m.

Prosecutors say that after plowing into the woman's car, Jeanetti's vehicle hit a second car, whose occupants were not injured. Jeanetti himself suffered head injuries in the crash. A black box recovered from his pickup showed him doing 68 m.p.h. on the narrow, windy road just seconds before the crash, the DA's office says.

Jeanetti faces up to ten years in prison and a two-year lost of license if convicted. Boston Police report Jeanetti has been suspended from his job.

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    Jeanetti faces up to ten

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    Jeanetti faces up to ten years in prison and a two-year lost of license if convicted.

    And will likely still be eligible for paid administrative leave during that time.

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    Bring this up

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    the next time you have jury duty. I'm sure they will dismiss you.

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    Family matters

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    Just wonderin' Is this the 'Jeanetti' family that I'm familiar with in Hyde Park, or not???

    Any takers ----

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