Boston not under attack this weekend

Hazmat exercisePhoto by Boston Office of Emergency Management.

Police, fire and emergency-medical crews from across the area have descended on various locations in Boston this weekend for drills on dealing with a variety of situations, from hostage-taking bank robbers at the Circle Cinema in Cleveland Circle to a hazmat/suspicious package situation on a Blue Line train at Bowdoin (above). So any gunfire you might hear? Chances are it's not real.

On the Blue Line. Photo by BFD.On the Blue Line. Photo by BFD.



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Boston EMS

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You would think that the Police and Fire Departments would have included the City ambulance in this exercise.

Couldnt be further from the

Couldnt be further from the truth, at least a few times every year the hazmat equipment is put to use, same goes for the SWAT equipment.

Wouldn't it be ironic

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If there really WAS an attack, and everyone was too busy training for an attack to respond in time?

"what am *I* doing here??"

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For some reason that photo in the Blue Line train reminds me of the sperm in "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex (but were afraid to ask)."