Boston Police to Aerosmith fans: Be nice, don't make us come back there

BPD issued a statement today:

So, if you're planning on stopping by 1325 Commonwealth Ave to check out the show, the Boston Police Department kindly asks you to be on your best behavior. Said Superintendent-in-Chief Daniel Linskey, "In a city as in rich in tradition and history as ours, it's always nice to honor and celebrate our own. We’re encouraging and expecting good behavior by all those who attend the free concert and we're certainly hoping people behave in such a way as to make our city and Aerosmith proud."

Police had no advice for commuters and Green Line riders who will be forced to find other ways to get where they're going for several hours (click on the link above to see the full list of road closures - it's more than just Comm. Ave.).



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How much chaos, other than a Tea Party rally, can a bunch of 50 and 60 somethings (fans and band together) cause?

Walker This Way.

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Jeeze. I used to live right

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Jeeze. I used to live right next to that building. Thankfully I'm gone now, that would have been an ungodly zoo.

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I live across the street

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The street was deserted and full of barricades, and the obligatory clusters of cops drinking Dunkin and doing nothing.

They started blasting Aerosmith recordings around 9 am, too.

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