Boston to pay $170,000 to lawyer arrested for videoing arrest on the Common

The city has agreed to pay Simon Glik $170,000 in damages and legal fees over the way he was arrested in 2007 while using a cell phone to record police making an arrest on Boston Common, the ACLU of Massachusetts reports.

News of the settlement of Glik's federal lawsuit comes several months after a federal appeals court ruled the officers involved could not claim immunity for doing their job because the public has the right to record police officers in public settings.



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    Good. Some teeth in it.

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    If it starts costing the city serious money every time the police break the law, maybe it'll encourage them to clean up their act.

    Good. Hopefully now these

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    Good. Hopefully now these idiots will realize that the smart thing to do is just let the public tape them about their lawful duties.

    That's frickin' great

    Good job, city of Boston, you morons. $170,000 that could have improved our schools or fix our streets will end up in this guy's pocket because you can't even train a law enforcement official to know the laws.

    I've long believed that lawyers should sometimes accompany police officers on duty. When the cop oversteps his bounds, the lawyer can advise him.

    Yep, that would work

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    The city paying lawyers to follow cops around. A sure recipe for savings!

    Well, not all the time

    We're not going to frickin' send Perry Mason on a Dunks run with Barney Fife, but when the drug unit chases down an impact player, it might be wise to have one show up for a couple of hours.