Boston to pay $170,000 to lawyer arrested for videoing arrest on the Common

The city has agreed to pay Simon Glik $170,000 in damages and legal fees over the way he was arrested in 2007 while using a cell phone to record police making an arrest on Boston Common, the ACLU of Massachusetts reports.

News of the settlement of Glik's federal lawsuit comes several months after a federal appeals court ruled the officers involved could not claim immunity for doing their job because the public has the right to record police officers in public settings.



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    That's frickin' great

    Good job, city of Boston, you morons. $170,000 that could have improved our schools or fix our streets will end up in this guy's pocket because you can't even train a law enforcement official to know the laws.

    I've long believed that lawyers should sometimes accompany police officers on duty. When the cop oversteps his bounds, the lawyer can advise him.