Boston reporter arrested in New York

The Phoenix's Chris Faraone, down in New York for the Occupy Wall Street anniversary protest, tweets he was among those arrested:

I just got out of jail. Was arrested despite screaming over and over that I'm a journalist.



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Don't tase me, bro!

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My guess is that he was a bit of a pain in the ass and the cops hauled him in with everyone else. It's not like he's Anderson Cooper. He writes for The Phoenix.

I remember when writing for

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I remember when writing for the Phoenix meant you were a better journalist than Anderson Cooper. What happened? And when??

The problem with arresting journalists

The problem with arresting journalists is that it's a violation of our constitutional rights.

The NYPD has a policy of identifying and targeting journalists, especially people equipped with video and live feeds, to suppress coverage of the their actions when they clear a Park or make arrests during marches. When they cleared the park last fall they went after NYC TV, print journalists and citizens journalists, got them separated a block away and went to work in the park.

The merit of the arrests of protestors is a separate issue from their policy of arresting journalists. If Faraone broke the law, he can be arrested. If he's there complying with reasonable requests, he must be allowed to cover the action.

I would have paid to see that arrest.

Who thinks it's a good idea to work under the influence of hallucinogens? I survived the '60's and have witnessed friends on bad trips, one of which was one way. This "journalist" is a tool, regardless of his progressive street cred with people like Dan Kennedy.

Always nice

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to see a giant crybaby like guy this get arrested. Being a journalist does not provide you immunity from being arrested now matter how much you yell

No journalist should be

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No journalist should be arrested but this hack gives real reporters a bad name. It's unfortunate. He's like the pot smoking, hipster fox news.

I....I... don't know what to say about this....I'm....

sitting here incredulous that this idiot has somewhere that publishes his infantile screeds.

Then I see that he writes for the Phoenix.

Glad to see that his career as the low rent Hunter Thompson for hipster morons has earned him a place at Boston's most respected journal of political thought and prostitution.

What's next for the Mencken of Mescaline? What will he "drop" on us next? Hopefully he'll soon be doing a lot of healing if he starts with that hip-hop enthusiast mindset with the brothers in Rikers.

Chris is a talented

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Chris is a talented storyteller who happens to work under a hierarchy of complete morons, for a paper so successful it's being merged with a glossy that's less compelling subway reading than the back of a Charlie Card.

Now, Chris...

surely there are more creative ways of calling your bosses jerks....


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I forgot how cranky, old and Republican UH posters were! Thanks for reminding me!

I know, heaven forbid someone

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I know, heaven forbid someone doesn't appreciate the gift this guy is to us. I guess we're just too stupid to recognize it.

There, feel better?

Will, don't you mean

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Judge LaTuillpe deems punishment by death or some such garbage?