Boston sends emergency workers, generators to New York

The city says 13 volunteers from the Office of Emergency Management and the Boston Centers for Youth and Families are headed to New York tomorrow to help with planning and logistics in New York's emergency operations center and with running an emergency shelter. The workers will spend the next week or two in New York, according to the mayor's office, which adds Boston has lent three generators to the New York Fire Department.

Employees volunteering from the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) are Ronald Bashista, Sean Grady, and Carmela Hinderaker. As Director of Planning and Preparedness, Ronald Bashista oversees all emergency planning activities and is responsible for ensuring the city is adequately prepared for all hazards. He coordinates emergency response from Boston’s Emergency Operations Center. Sean Grady is the Logistics Coordinator for OEM and manages all emergency equipment and resources for the city, deploying the equipment during large scale emergencies. As Training and Exercise Coordinator, Carmela Hinderaker coordinates the city’s training and exercise programs to ensure state and federal compliance, as well as assisting in coordinating emergency response from the Boston Emergency Operations Center.

Ten certified shelter managers from BCYF will be assigned to run a shelter upon arrival in NYC. Additional languages spoken by the BCYF volunteers are Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Tagalog. The group will monitor and maintain safety in the shelter, as well as assist shelter residents with day-to-day needs.


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City year too?

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I saw a whole bunch of city year volunteers in the red coats in Kendall Square this morning, were they preparing to go too?

Why only New York? Other

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Why only New York? Other areas got hit too, like New Jersey, and worse I might add.

NY probably asked?

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or NY was the first to say "yes, please!" I heard that NJ is rejecting the help of utilities workers from the Southeast because they're non-union.

That says the exact opposite of what you said

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The url (and I assume original article title) is:

some non-union ala crews turned away from sandy recovery

But the article's actual title is:

Confusion causes utility crew to return from recovery effort

The article says it's not clear where the misunderstanding originated, but that the idea that NY/NJ utilities would turn away help was unfounded:

"Bottom line, it appears now that Decatur Utilities wrongly assumed they would have to agree to the union contract before traveling to New Jersey to help with recovery efforts. The IBEW said in times of crisis, help is welcomed from union and non-union utility workers."

Did you even bother to read the article?

valid citation please

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Faux News lies. Let's see a real report, not dittoheaded through the internet.

Didn't you hear? The storm is

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Didn't you hear? The storm is because Barak HUSSEIN Obama is an anchor baby muslin terrorist who didn't fix climate change because he was too busy getting health care for the gays.

(Or something like that ...)

lots of people need help. New

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lots of people need help. New Jersey, Delaware, Staten Island, Long Island. However those areas aren't fashionable. It's more hip and trendy to show up ready to help millionaires in Manhattan or hang with urban hipsters in Brooklyn.

Good thing

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Because all of NYC's will be tied up with the marathon.

Only in New York would the

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Only in New York would the city tie up security personnel and resources to hold a marathon for alpha types while the rest of the populace lacks food heat and electricity.

Perhaps you haven't heard the news

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They canceled the race. Granted, the mayor and the people in charge of the race had to be dragged kicking and screaming to that point, but still.


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Why are they going down there, to clean swimming pools?