Boston was not under attack and the New Year's fireworks didn't blow up a day early

Bob Lawler reports the loud booms heard from Hyde Park to Uphams Corner to South Boston around 9:30 tonight were actually "a not so private fireworks show for a very big wedding" at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

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Oooo Because

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Obama isn't an egotistical maniac!

Nice try, anonboy

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But Obama didn't hire a fireworks company to set off a display in Boston Harbor, then cancel the display (along with staffers' credit cards) because he lost.

And if Romney DID

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light off fireworks after his loss, the UHub crowd would be calling him a egotistical maniac! Its similar to the left wing who lambasted Romney for placing his dog on the roof of the families car, however never a word of Obama's admittance to eating dog meat! And no i am not saying i support(ed) Romney!

Dog meat vs. dog on car

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If Obama had been eating his family pet, you might have a case. He wasn't. Or should we be all upset that Mitt Romney dodged the draft did missionary service in France, where people eat horses and snails?

Didn't anyone enrolled in

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Didn't anyone enrolled in college during the sixties also "dodge the draft"?


But Romney demonstrated IN FAVOR of the war ... in favor of other people going to fight, apparently.

As for "eating dog" that was in a place where it was a customary protein source and he wasn't an adult, but a child who was handed food by an adult. Romney was an adult who decided that it was more convenient for him to put a sick dog on the roof for a long freeway trip than move luggage up there to make room for the crate.

One man was a child in a foreign land. The other was an adult with no good sense.

Why would Romney light fireworks when he lost?

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Why would Romney light fireworks after he lost? Oh, because like his son Tagg said, he really didn't want to be president, but he felt it was his duty? Like how he really didnt want to miss serving in Vietnam but just couldn't fit it in?

Could hear it

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in West Rox, it lasted for about 10-15 min.


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Too bad that when they apply for their permits that there couldn't be some sort of media release so that others could be prepared to watch the display.


I'm more of fan of the fireworks that comes with the divorce.

Oh, and fuck Mitt Romney.


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Fuck Obama!