Is Brighton ready for all-night Quarter Pounders?

McDonald's plans to seek permission to open the dining room at its Soldiers Field Road location around the clock - after learning it couldn't do so just because a franchisee felt like it.

The outlet at 1750 Soldiers Field Rd. already has permission for a 24-hour drive-thru, but was cited by police last month after a detective found the dining room open at 11:45 p.m., customers munching away inside and a large sign advertising all-night food behind the counter, even though the dining room is only licensed to stay open until 11 p.m. In addition to issuing a citation, he ordered the immediate halt to food sales inside.

Robert Broughton, an operations manager for McDonald's, told the Boston Licensing Board this morning the restaurant's operator figured that if the neighboring IHOP could stay open all the time, then, heck, so could the McDonald's.

Board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer told him the IHOP has a long-standing 24-hour license and that if McDonald's wants to follow suit, it has to apply for a similar permit. Broughton said McDonald's intends to do that.

As part of the licensing process, the chain will need to meet with neighborhood groups before any hearing with the licensing board.

The board votes Thursday on what action, if any, to take over the June violation.



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Nah ...

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Since Brighton has its own civic groups (in this case, at least the Brighton Allston Improvement Association). But, yeah, can you imagine if the Burger King on Brighton Ave. tried something like this?

Does anyone enforce a

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Does anyone enforce a monopoly on neighborhood associations?

If not, someone should start one for people who support late-night food.

No monopoly

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But nobody's preventing you from showing up to the ones that currently exist.

What it should have said

"After a detective found that the count was a bit short"

"After a detective was told he'd have to pay for that meal for 6"

Besides, the floor show is much better at the IHOP at bar break. If they allow the Mickey D's to stay open, it will only attract old people and those who want to use the wi-fi to call Russia on Skype at 3AM.

How is opening the drive-thru

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How is opening the drive-thru but not the dining room legal under ADA? If I have a disability that means I cant drive, Mcdonalds wont serve me. That doesnt seem right.

Plenty of disabled people

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Plenty of disabled people drive, you can get hand controls installed on most automatic transmission vehicles