Bros make their move on the North End

It's the Craigslist roommate ad of the month:

$1000 Huge North End Bro Pad (North End, Boston, Down Town)

1 bed available in a 4 bed apartment. Amazing apartment!!!! 2 floors, 2 living rooms, wrap around couch, surround sound, big screen, free hbo and showtime! unofficial roof access with a great view of the city. A small private allyway attached to the room. granite counters and bathrooms. It is huge and amazing. 3 roommates. 23,23, and 25. 420 friendly, football, the house can get rowdy on weekends but all in good fun.

As Matt Conti at, who found this gem, puts it:

I am going out on a limb and saying these North End residents on Noyes Place (at Salem Street) are not in favor of the proposed Nuisance Control Ordinance.



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      I'd take a studio

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      in a quiet building any day of the week over sharing a 'Bro' pad.