Bud bumps building

Building-bruising Bud. Photo by Michael Ball.In Hyde Park, trucks get jammed between buildings, not under bridges. Photo by Michael Ball.

Shiva apparently keeps residence on Storrow Drive and not as far South as Hyde Park's River Street. A Bud truck didn't make it into the alley leading to Master McGrath's bar.

You know how miraculous it is to see the big rigs whip effortlessly and perfectly into those tight spaces, as though the driver was handling a sports car? Well, sometimes it's not so flawless.

River near the Y was closed a little before 3 p.m. today when a Budweiser delivery tractor-trailer rubbed into the building instead of backing into the lot. McGrath's is a Bud house and always busy. There must have been anxious customers, several of whom were on the sidewalk eager to observe and advise.

When it's car v. truck, truck wins. When it's 18 wheeler v. stone building, that's another matter. The podiatrists at 1150 River lost some masonry on the corner and it looked like a large cornice on top the roof was pushed aside. It looked like the truck only lost some paint on its fancy Bud labels on the side.

A series of shots of the aftermath and maneuvering to get the truck out of its fix are here.

It was close to an hour to get it all done. The trucker pulled his rig across the street and parked it. Sure he'd have to swap some papers, but I'm sure he didn't leave without delivering his goods.



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truck accident

Hey, I was biking on River Street on the way to Dorchester, and I saw the whole truck spectacle before my very eyes. What with all the gazing onlookers and the screeching clinic people telling the driver to stop. I looked at this scene at the alley for almost 10 minutes, then I continued cycling.

Looks like some jakes were

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Looks like some jakes were helping out.., lightning the load if you will.

Back injury

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You never know where you might have an opportunity to hurt your back while acting as a temporary captain.

Must be a new driver

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I live nearby and frequent the Y which is right next door. The "usual" driver parks on the street to unload at Master McGrath's. There is no way he would fit truck in that small alley.