Bud Light truck driver learns warning signs at Storrow Drive entrances are there for a reason

Andrea Karis reports a Bud Lite truck got stuck on Storrow just before the Fenway exit this morning. John Beattie reports the location near BU, says it's too bad school is out.



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running of the uhauls

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I don't recall there being any box trucks pinned on Storrow last year (a first in my memory).

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there was one on Memorial

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there was one on Memorial Drive though, so I think that's close enough!

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UHaul caught on to it

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Last year, they were sending out tweets celebrating the lack of a winner.

Which means they must have effectively gotten the word out to renters about the hazards/updated their GPS systems.

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Broaden the categories

I think we should add a category for "stupid tricks involving moving trucks reversing down one-way streets." I used to see that semi-regularly when I lived in Brighton.

Maybe we could have a third category for taking down fences/sign posts/other fixtures with moving truck, and then people could try to win the trifecta.

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