In case you'd forgotten just how truly horrible a person could be

If the charges against John Burbine are true, he's horrible. And that would make his wife, who let him get away with it, horrible. And the system that let him carry on despite past convictions and allegations, horrible.



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      I must not have hit control-C quite hard enough in copying the link.

      Where I work..

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      I work in a prison. This guy is scum, this guy deserves the worst of the worst. Citizens of Massachusetts rest assured this man will live comfortably with his fellow pedophiles. They will all sit and play cards together, exercise together, watch television together, eat comfortably together and live a sustainable life together. The most humane punishment that the state of Massachusetts can afford him. However, the victims in this case...... Their lives were already ruined before they could even make a reasonable decision for themselves.

      Somehow I feel one of these people still is making out better than the other..

      Lives not necessarily ruined

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      Kids don't form solid memories until they're a few years old. Likely, many of these victims will have no recollection of the incident and will make a full recovery to be a normal, healthy child and adult.

      Their parents, however, will not be so lucky.

      I wonder

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      Had any of his victims talked about magic tunnels or called him tooky, would he have been kept in jail all along?

      Why is it

      that the only type of criminal you hardly ever see in real life is the vigilante killer? In a nation of 300 million you would think somebody would be up to that job.


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      Do you think that most of the people who are murdered in Boston do not have criminal records?

      There is a lot of cases in which people who have been killed have shot, stabbed, robbed, scammed, killed and/or otherwise victimized others.

      Are you saying that if these folks came out and said "oh i didn't kill him because he tried taking my turf, I killed him because he was a bad person" that you'd be down with the murder?

      Also, really it's because most people do not confess to murder. Dexter is just a TV show.

      This will start happening more

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      To be honest, I believe as the world continues to become more and more aware of the true evils hidden in the veils of America’s 'blissful ignorance' we might see an increase in vigilante cases. If not solely because the general sense of safety by our “law enforcement” seems to be failing bigger and bigger every time.

      Maybe this guy had the right idea:

      I wonder if any of this guy's future jail-mates might be so disgusted by his actions that they'll take care of him for the betterment of the world. I expect that fate for Sandusky from any one Penn State fan in the slammer with him.

      BBB rating A-?! International

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      BBB rating A-?!

      International Nanny Association?!

      If this info is accurate and not a lie, it goes to show how truly useful and accurate many 'reputable' trade organizations are.

      On a side note, once in my life I contacted BBB [only once] regarding an eyeglass retail company and their shady business practices. It was a futile gesture and soured me on the Better Business Bureau. You really can't trust anybody.

      You can't make this stuff up

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      Who in the world drops off their kid[s] at an unlicensed daycare center? Are they that desperate? They are your children, your ultimate responsibility in this world. Do a thorough background check. Of course, even then stuff could happen.

      And how nice, a man who is a serial child abuser, and his wife who enables him, and is even kind enough to warn the neighbor whom she took a shine to, to stay away from him.