Cat lost, then found on the Red Line

Neil the roving UHub commuter e-mails this account:

Last night around 7:00pm I get off the Orange Line at DTX and see some frantic ~20 year old kid frantically running around and asking the janitorial staff questions.

I try to be helpful so as we're heading down to the Red Line southbound, I ask him what's wrong or if he needs directions.

He says, "Oh man, I just left my cat on the train!"

I ask if it was in a carrier.

Yes, he was bring in back from the vet's after being neutered.

He had left the cat on the train and walked all the way up to the Orange Line before remembering it. Cat travels on southward to parts unknown.

He's running ahead of me down the platform when All I call up my "See Somethning, Say Something" app and call the non-911 T police number.

I tell them I'm not sure if they want to transfer me but I'm with a kid who just lost his cat.

Dispatcher asks me to describe the cat.

I call the kid over, put on the speaker phone and it turns into a full description of the subject:

Yes, Orange tabby, white stripes, approximately 6 inches high wearing a white cone on its head. Long tail. Blue carrier.

Answers to Mouseripper.

He gives his contact info and about 30 seconds later gets a call back that the fleeing feline was safe and sound at South Station.

I almost went with him to get a pic of the reunion but he was pretty stressed out. Had to go face the girlfriend as well and explain losing the cat.



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Pet carriers

Should be labeled like luggage. If you've ever seen a crate that's flown, it has the pet's name, owner's name, and full contact info taped to it prominently.

Same way people forget

Same way people forget hideously expensive musical instruments and double-secret data files, I guess. You've got your routine, the cat's not part of it, the train stops, you hop out and start walking the way you always do and --oh, wait.

I've also just had a positive

I've also just had a positive experience with the see something say something line. They were unfailingly helpful and polite even if my my purse didn't show up for 10 days! For 6.5 years I carried the same purse every day -- never putting it down anywhere, i carried it through rain, sleet, drunkenness and sleep deprivation and then one day last month, I left it on the red line. Sometimes these things just happen, even if they are the most ingrained, integral part of your day.

I did get it back. They send you a letter if your stuff turns up. It was in a room down at Umass (their lost and found final stop) and, again, they couldn't have been nicer to me, even if that office is... shall we say, disorganized.