Charlestown man, a City Hall worker, arrested on child-porn charge

MansfieldBoston Police report arresting James Mansfield, 47, on a charge of possession of child pornography.

Police say they were led to Mansfield during an online investigation that "revealed Mansfield was engaging in graphically sexual chat and exchanging pictures of boys in various stages of undress."

A search of Mansfield's home yesterday found evidence of child porn on his home computer, police say.

The Herald reports Mansfield was director of community affairs at the Boston Transportation Department, but has has been suspended and could be fired.

Innocent, etc.




mr Charlestown. Esteemed

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mr Charlestown. Esteemed member of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council and BTD spokesman.


You mean albatross?

(blaming swype is fair here)

Freudian Slip

Alcatraz is in San Francisco harbor, a closed prison. What's the chance of a Menino supporter going to an open prison?

parking perv

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This man was in charge of the neighborhood parking program. I spoke to him half a dozen times and got nothing but stalling and misinformation on the few times he would bother to answer his phone. Now I know why he was too busy to do any work.

It is a crime we paid this man over $100,000 per year so he could sit around his office all day downloading child porn and refusing to do his job.

Is reading comprehension a problem for you?

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There is no allegation he looked at pornography at work. The disturbing activities are alleged to have occurred at home. I hope he is punished if he is found guilty but it has nothing to do with whether or not he would fix some parking issue for you.


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This man was in charge of the neighborhood parking towing program.

Herald reports that James

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Herald reports that James Sudusky Mansfield resigned from BTD this week. Must. Be. Trying not keep his pension. So much for being innocent. Kids should stay away on Halloween!