Charlie conducts, carolers croon

Charlie conducts carolers, including new MBTA GM Beverly Scott and State Rep. Byron Rushing.Charlie, Beverly Scott, State Rep. Byron Rushing at Forest Hills.

New MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott bounded up from the Orange Line with hugs for carolers - as well as candy canes. She wore a Santa hat. That unpleasantness the other night was quickly forgotten and the carolers got down to business: As new waves of commuters came up from the train platform, the carolers serenaded them with Christmas classics, from "Silent Night" to "Deck the Halls."



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aaaaaand overreaction to Christianity complete

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So the MBTA kills two cyclists in a year and we get silence...but they tell some Christians they need a permit to carol and suddenly they're falling over themselves to apologize and do PR stunts?

"MBTA Kills two cyclists"

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Oh please, get a grip. The MBTA could do all the safety procedures it wanted, but as long as cyclists in Boston keep disobeying laws and riding like idiots, they'll keep dying.


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No, just your garden variety idiot apologist for MassholeBTA driving in the bike lanes and failure to yield rights of way.

I seriously hope you're not implying

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that cyclists always yield the right of way...they NEVER do. The day all this bicycle crap gets rolled back will be a great day.

Turn in your driver's license, please

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If you can't follow the most basic of road rules, turn it in NOW. You have no business being on the road operating heavy machinery.

Just because you think having a large piece of crap with a motor to tote your obese fleshpile around gives you special license to kill, doesn't give you a license to kill or to complain about having to obey the road rules. It means that you need to grow up and get a clue.

We are all better off if you have to walk.

I Suggest you do a google

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I Suggest you do a google search of the accident. The Bus driver drove away after they hit the cyclist and now has been taken off the job during the investigation. When its not the bus driver's fault they just keep on working. Go do some reading.

please note: yes I'm aware that a lot of cyclists break traffic rules. This being Massachusetts, that makes them just like the rest of drivers in this state.

I'm from out of state and I don't break the traffic rules when I'm biking or driving. The rest of All y'all are pretty much road anarchists.

Only two?

So the MBTA kills two cyclists in a year

Well, I'm sure they'll do better this year! I mean seeing how you have managed to convey the idea that the MBTA is populated with homicidal maniacs.

Why, in fact just the other day I saw one of the #73 drivers murdering a lahge regalah and one a dem new sausage thing-a-ma jigs (his actual order)at the Dunkies in Waverley Square.

Thank you Bev

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After the tragic events of last week which left everyone depressed, your keystone cops provided everyone with a good chuckle in the latest chapter of security theatre.
On the other hand dump the mascot he looks like he is about to grope the carolers.

Was the Jamaican/West Indian lady @ the info booth?

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She would have put a stop to all that 'nonsense' as soon as she managed to slowly, passive aggressively get up off her chair and move out of the booth.

I'm the guy who posted an earlier post about my run-in with this lady. I informed MBTA customer service. Naturally, they never replied.