Chelsea group that helps immigrant workers returns Catholic grant over gay issues

The Globe reports the Chelsea Collaborative decided to return a $40,000 grant after a visit from a Catholic Campaign official, who began "speaking at length to the group about the need to avoid work that conflicted with Catholic teachings, including activities that might 'support the gay lifestyle.' "



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    The "gay lifestyle"

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    Is code for "we don't care about your actual being, we're going to define you by alleged behavior". What a convenient way for the church leadership (and others) to dehumanize people for who they are. What a bunch of hypocrites. It's a good reminder of, and reinforces the reasons, why I walked away from them years ago.

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    Here's to hoping

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    I've posted the donation link and the link to the story over on Reddit's atheism board. This is a sub-group of the people online who rewarded that bus monitor with a few hundred thousand dollars and she didn't even lose any money...just took abuse from a bunch of bastards on a bus while one of them filmed it and put it on YouTube. Hopefully they can help where UHub's readership is a bit smaller in numbers. They are often willing to help when it comes to making up for where the Church fails people.

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