Chicken Man on Chatham Street in Nantucket Red

Chicken Man

The kidlet and I were on State Street this afternoon when this weird see-through box truck filled with mylar balloons passed us. "Chicken Man!" I screamed, although not loud enough to scare her. He turned down Merchants Row. Of course, we followed, and there it was, parked on the side of Chatham Street: the Chicken Man truck. As we approached, an older lady was fiddling with the back of the truck. Chicken Woman? A small car pulled up, A 50ish guy got out. Chicken Man!

We got closer and, of course, I took out my camera and started shooting. I mean, Chicken Man! Chicken Woman tapped Chicken Man, by now at the driver's side of the truck, nodded toward me and said "He's taking pictures!" Yeah, like, seriously, lady, your husband has been driving around in a see-through box truck filled with balloons for years and this is something new? "You don't like pictures?" I asked. Chicken Man stopped fiddling long enough to grant his assent.

One does not ask Chicken Man questions, of course. It would ruin all the mystery behind the Harvard graduate with the half-baked Web site and Twitter feed. Besides, the kidlet really wanted to see the horses down at the other end of the street.



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I saw him at the corner of

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I saw him at the corner of Boylston and Fairfield a couple days ago and was wondering what he was all about.


What's with the 300 Instagram

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What's with the 300 Instagram logos all over the truck now? Must be a recent addition since I last saw him. Took a moment to look him up and, no surprise, he doesn't even have an account.



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I don't even..

I'm so confused right now.


Not Nantucket Red

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You are joking right. Thems just red. Murray's Toggery would never sell those.


His scrolly sign usually has

His scrolly sign usually has something about taking a picture and putting it on their facebook page and winning a prize (?).

I don't think they're (meant to be) Instagram logos. I think he just wants people to take pictures.


Since no one else is old enough to remember...

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So... when you say "Chicken Man!" out loud, everyone else has to chant in "He's everywhere!, He's everywhere!"

The "Adventures of Chicken Man" was a feature spot on the old Jess Cain daytime AM radio show, (back about when we first discovered electricity for the blogger crowd yung'ens).

The narrator would shout, "Chiiiicccckennn Maaannnnnn!"

Followed by the chorus of several cheap voices yelling back, "He's everywhere!, He's everywhere!"

That was followed by a seriously asinine story of Chicken Man, the super hero, with a groaner pun line that you'd wind up laughing at anyway.

So, when you see him again, you all know what to do.