Pheasant to look at

Pheasant to look at

The Animal Rescue League of Boston reports it found a Chinese Golden Pheasant wandering around Braintree this afternoon. Since the bird's not native to these parts, league workers wonder who lost a pet. The ARL also reports finding a mystery snake in Everett today (Ed. note: Yeah, we thought Penelope, too, but the Red Line doesn't go anywhere near Everett).



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Bull Snake

Yeah, my first thought was bull snake as well.

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Florida King

So it is! Thanks, Kurt. It looks a bit thin, at least from that odd angle in the photo. Is someone from NEHS helping the ARL find its owner, or a new home?

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The snake is cute, and the bird is gorgeous. Don't think my cat would appreciate either as a sibling, however. Best wishes for good homes to both!

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