Citizen complaint of the day: Beacon Hill's river of grease

River of grease

A slipsiding citizen complains about Ridgeway Lane, off Cambridge:

River of fryer grease. People slipping and falling, getting injured. Attracting rats.



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      The doorway that the river seems to originate from is the back door of Suffolk's Ridgeway building, which houses its commuter cafeteria (or at least it did when I graduated in 2009).


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      Thanks Miki

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      EDIT: That other comment wasn't showing up yet when I posted mine. Thanks Miki indeed.

      Suffolk University

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      Thats on Ridgeway Lane. It looks like the grease is coming from the Suffolk University Donahue Building (Located in the back left of the photo). The schools largest cafeteria is located in that building. I'm guessing it is probably coming from there.


      Yes, this is definitely Suffolk University. Right where the fire hydrant is, the University's maintenance department has set up an experimental rat trap. I find it ironic that they're dumping grease which attracts rats, meanwhile they are trying to trap rats. They also need to take care of the trap more often; it is pretty gross to see a dead rat or two in a cramped wire cage.


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      This comment

      By on to try to make it so I'm not the only one who has Billy Joel singing "We're all carried alooooooong/By the river of grease" running through his head all day

      One hundred years ago, Beacon

      One hundred years ago, Beacon Hill had stables, and the streets ran with horse piss. Ah, the old days, before cars ruined the city.