Citizen complaint of the day: The biggest trash heap in the city

Some trash heap

A very annoyed citizen spares no exclamation points or expletives in demanding the city do something about this sprawling trash heap outside 532 Chester Sq., which has been in line for its own Zip code since Friday morning.


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Blaming the wrong person

So this person asks the city to "Get over here and clean this up ASAP!!!!!". The problem is the property owner, NOT the city. It's not the city's job to pick up random trash like this. Put it all in bags and I'm sure the city will be happy to pick it up.

SO who exactly blames the city because their neighbor makes a mess?

I have to figure it would be

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I have to figure it would be more complicated than that. If I dumped a bunch of garbage in Boston and then ditched town (which is an entirely possible explanation: people move) I would be held responsible for the mess, but the City of Boston shouldn't wait until they can find me for it to be cleaned up. And this is a pretty big mess which would seem to be somewhat of an obstruction.

And even if it is the landlord's responsibility, it's the government's job to enforce that responsibility, so the city should at least be informed so that they can send a citation to the appropriate person.

Confused . . .

when you read the report at Citizen's Connect, it shows the identical photo and similar complaint for a case closed a month ago. So someone just reposted this even though it was cleaned up a month ago?


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the weather doesn't match. It's been cloudy and rainy here for days now.