Citizen complaint of the day: Caws for alarm in Allston

A concerned citizen checks in from Allston this morning:

Large number of crows circling above intersection of commonwealth and Harvard. This could be a bad omen for bike riders, hipsters, college students with upcoming finals, or even the expected winter storm.



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    blackbird singing in the dead of night

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    when i was about 13 years old i was sitting with my great aunt alice on the front porch of my family's house when about 10,000 black birds filled the tree in the front yard. a moment before there was no sign of them and within a minute you could hear them breathing. the whole tree seemed to turn from green to black. they stayed for several minutes, but maybe it just seemed that long. when they flew away my old irish aunt looked up, shook her head, looked at me and said "that's a bad sign". she and her sister, aunt mary, were both dead within a month. they were both in there nineties, strong, and healthy and died on the same day, halloween.


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    That's pretty freaky.

    About 10 years ago there were hundreds of crows around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. The trees were full of them all cawing their beaks off. They were there mostly in the winter for a couple years then one day they were all gone and never came back. Maybe they went somewhere else to kill more old ladies.


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    I live over there, and there's a solid red-tailed hawk population that likes to hunt the birds that hang around Harvard Ave. When the hawk's hunting, the birds fly in swarm formations (like fish) in wide, swooping circles to evade and scare off the hawk.

    The pigeons are the most visible in the swooping formation, but the starlings and sparrows usually make one too and chase off the hawk. It's really interesting, if you look carefully.