Citizen complaint of the day: The Dorchester bitchmobile


A Jerome Street resident wonders what it will take to get this abandoned car removed:

This abandoned car has 4 flat tires and the oh so lovely graffiti on it. I have called bpd with no response. Can someone please do something?! I love explaining this to my 5 year old.



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    ...or Mayor's Hotline

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    Or, call the Mayor's hotline and report it: make, model, color, plate (if it's got one) and location (in front of 349 Centre Street, for example.) I had good luck doing that for the few times a car was abandoned on our street in JP.

    I seem to remember reading that if the car has a valid registration BTD is going to be reluctant to tow it.


    This IS a report to the Mayor's Hotline (or, rather, to Citizens Connect, which is the equivalent phone app.)

    I Wouldn't Do That...

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    I wouldn't mess around with the Bitchmobile. That is one superhero you do not want to torque off.


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    The Only way the BPD will respond to this type of complaint is if it is impeding traffic, as they truly are over paid traffic cops. Try and figure out a way to get this vehicle into the middle of the street then call the BPD.

    Hey that's my street!

    Ha! I saw this the other night, but didn't know how long it had been there. I figured it had just happened and someone was going to wake up to an unpleasant surprise.

    What is the address of this vehicle?

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    I would like to know the address of this abandon vehicle, so we can have the vehicle removed from the street.

    -Tito Jackson