Citizen complaint of the day: DPW is slacking off - new signs still leave room for pedestrians

Stupid road signs

UPDATE: Turns out it wasn't the city (or the state) that put the signs up; in any case, they've been removed.

An aggrieved Mission Hill resident reports from Tremont Street near Huntington Avenue, which the DPW has decided people really need to know is also Rte. 9:

We can't get crosswalk signs, but please--put highway signs in the middle of the sidewalk. Perhaps we should just eliminate those pesky sidewalks all together.



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Just look at all that space! Why even a stroller can still get by.

But it's a sidewalk.

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They really need to end the practice of placing telephone poles, hydrants, signposts and parking meters, etc on the sidewalks. Either put them between the sidewalk and street or up against the buildings (as is done in Montreal, which makes it really easy to remove snow).

Hell just move the wires

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Hell just move the wires underground - they survive storms better and aren't in the way.

But that's expensive...

This photo is taken on

This photo is taken on Tremont St, closest to Wigglesworth St and not Worthington (which is 1 street behind). His GPS was off. On the immediate right side is Dunkin Donuts and on the left (unseen) is One Brigham Circle.


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Thanks for the Mission Hill geography lesson!

three Tremont Sts actually, not two

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The big one that runs from City Hall to Ruggles, the one in Eastie that goes down from Monument Sq towards the Navy yard, and the one over by Oak Square. None of them contiguous by even the wildest stretch of the imagination.

See also: Washington Street, Boylston Street, etc.

Yes, except the one that goes

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Yes, except the one that goes to the Navy Yard is in Charlestown, not East Boston.

they used to be though

by Roxbury Crossing, Tremont (Coming from S End) used to gradually curve into Tremont (in front of Rx). This is because MLK Blvd was constructed in the 90s, and Columbus Avenue by Ruggles used to continue up the SW Cooridor to RX (Tremont also pre-dates Columbus by many years). Both these street layout changes created the confusing intersection that is there now.

The same happened down in the S End by the Church of All Nations, but I'm less familiar with the history. It probably had something to do with filling in the old trolley incline.

Also, way back in the day, Huntington Avenue past Brigham Circle was Tremont St as well.

ahhahahahahaha...I love

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ahhahahahahaha...I love it.
On the 26th was a story about how pedestrians and runners were using the bike lanes in Back Bay, which stirred-up a bunch of whiney titty-baby remarks piting bikers vs pedestrains.
This proves that no matter if you walk or ride a bike, we all take it in the shorts from automobiles and agencies that support them.
So let's all join forces and fight back by jaywalking and blowing through redlights...oh wait...that's what drivers already get all pissy about already.