Citizen complaint of the day: In Fort Point, the Massholes are getting too hardcore

Flattened sign

A terrified citizen reports four-wheeled hooligans have taken to flattening the signs that tell them to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks on A Street:

The pedestrian crossing sign has been destroyed again. The speed people drive down this road is crazy, when do we get a 4 way stop?



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The secret to making those

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The secret to making those crosswalk signs useful is to make them actual bollards. The first masshole to ram one gets their car totalled.

In other words

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Narrow the road.

But, they won't do anything but put up those useless pedestrian signs, if even that. Couldn't risk a driver getting hurt. Nevermind someone on foot getting flattened like that sign, doesn't matter to BTD.

Got to keep the pressure up.

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Got to keep the pressure up. Institutions like the BTD don't change overnight.

The same thing happened to the

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crosswalk sign in front of the Bates School on Beech St. in Roslindale. Scary!