Citizen complaint of the day: Map kiosks are kind of useless without maps

A concerned citizen is vexed on Boylston Street:

A very frustrated tourist asked me "where is map?" over and over: the just-installed "City Map" device at Boyslton and Dalton Streets does not have a map in any of the three panes—just advertisements.



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      Citizen Connec...uh Excuse

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      Haven't been paying attention, do they always close these reports with promises that'll be resolved next week? Shouldn't it stay open until it is confirmed that the reported issue is actually RESOLVED, not just explained, excused or mumbled at?

      We do listen

      We actually take these reports very seriously -- that's why we developed the app, because the Mayor believes strongly that our residents are our best eyes and ears and the city is better for their engagement.

      In this case, yes, the maps will be installed next week. If for some reason they're not, let us know. We like to report back quickly and directly, though you're right, most of the time we wait until the work is complete to report back.

      Feedback always welcome. Keep reporting.

      617-635-4500 - open 24/7

      Justin Holmes
      Director of Constituent Engagement
      Mayor's Office

      Sometimes yes, sometimes no

      Response has improved, but I'm still waiting for graffiti on the sidewalk on Malvern Street to be removed, which I've reported several times since May of this year.

      I've had to file multiple reports on the same graffiti because it's been repeatedly closed as completed when in fact the crew apparently can't find the graffiti, which is in the middle of the block bordering the BU softball field and has no proper street address for the app to report.

      Oh, and shall I mention the time that someone telephoned me at nearly 11PM asking me for details on the location of graffiti that I had reported several months previously, because they couldn't find it in the dark? Nice to know that using Citizens Connect can lead to late-night harassing phone calls.

      A friend a few years ago was

      A friend a few years ago was visiting while I was in school an borrowed my bike to ride around on. He ended up in Allston, lost, and found one of those maps. Unfortunately for him, these stupid maps only show from around Kenmore and back east! He ended up having to call me for directions. These maps are all around a pain in the butt

      an efficient and transparent city government

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      The Boston Finance Commission, or FinComm, is an independent watch-dog agency which monitors “any and all business of the City of Boston”. The goal of the Commission is to ensure an efficient and transparent city government. Should you be aware of any inappropriate City of Boston business practice or conduct of any of its representatives, complaints can be brought to the Commission by anyone seeking assistance.


      someone who's unfamiliar with Boston's long-standing tradition of completely failing to provide useful location or navigation information. After all, "If yah doan't know whayuh yah ah, then yah doan't belawng thayuh."

      Heavens, what would we ever do if the British decided to invade again?

      Thanks Irvine Welsh

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      I love people trying to make fun of locals by "writing" in the dialect. Here's one for you BikeGeek; "Go suck a crellah."


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      I thought it was because the locals were never taught how to use or read maps themselves, but to navigate by packies and dunks locations.

      lol I actually gave

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      lol I actually gave directions to a tourist the other day using a Dunks!


      I was given directions by Dunks

      No, it's not just an urban legend. I was lost after seeing a show at the Middle East, and I was given directions by a nice local using no less than 3 Dunkin Donuts. Sadly I still got lost :-(

      I dunno though

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      I was just in New Orleans, and they seem to share Boston's hatred of things like street signs, traffic signals, safe crosswalks, and traffic laws.