Citizen complaint of the day: The ratcoon of Causeway Street

A concerned citizen reports:

federal bldg. causeway at lomasny. some sort of giant rat like creature walking around. looks like rat with a raccoon body the size of a med size cat!



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    Water Rat

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    or Possum

    That would be a possum.

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    I didn't know there were possums in the city. Then again, I didn't know Brookline had bears.

    Probably opossum

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    Most people are not used to see them in an urban context, but they're here. That rat tail is always a shocker if you don't know what it is. And, neat fact, they are marsupials.


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    could be a nutria. darker than a possum.


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    There are no Nutria in Boston. If it wasn't an opossum it could've been a muskrat that came up from the river.

    No link

    I'm not going to post a youtube link to a 70s song about amorous muskrats.

    Nope. Not me. Promise.


    There don't seem to be wild nutria in any part of New England, let alone Boston, so this is pretty unlikely.

    Wait until it climbs

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    80 feet up the Zakim bridge, then shoot it with a tranquilizer gun.