Citizen complaint of the day: Rats running rampant on one Allston street

A rat-averse citizen submits a photo of a pile of dead baby rats. He says he found all the rats in his car on Farrington Avenue (only click link if you wish to see a photo of a pile of dead baby rats):

There are so many. I have to kill them. They are nesting in my car. Someone needs to fix this so I don't have to keep murdering baby rats.


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Maintenance free cars?

You don't say.

Clearing leaves, debris, and, yes, animal corpses from your engine compartment are part of the reality of owning and maintaining a vehicle. I've had to hose smooshed racoon and possum and skunk (initially smooshed by other drivers, mind you ... except for that one suicidal rabbit) out of my wheel wells. Just the way it is when you own and drive a car. I've never had to clear anything worse than a spider web or a nascent wasp nest from a bike frame.

I suppose the IllumiCyclists Masonic Cabal and Evil Trade Union has conspired to force you to change oil, buy new tires, and perform troubling and angst-filled acts of routine maintenance and the occasional road kill purge. All of which detract from your automotive enjoyment.

Do tell.

You should consider giving up

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You should consider giving up your car and try cycling... you seem to hit an unusually large number of animals.

Try Cycling?

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We have about 10 bikes in our garage ... the car sleeps outside.

You are correct that it is easier NOT to hit road kill on two wheels. In a car, it isn't worth going head-on with an SUV in order to avoid previously-killed, well distributed nasty goosh.

But, on two wheels, you still sometimes have the old Y2K choice between Bush and Gore: either ride through the road kill or run up against the brush.

the animal kingdom thanks you

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Glad you've retired from driving your SUV as your skills leave something to be desired. FYI, you only need 1 bike to ride, not 10. Next step: consider donating your extra bikes to Goodwill so people in need would be able to use them instead of keeping several sitting idly in your garage.



I don't think the other inhabitants of the house would be happy if I gave their bikes away, either ... and we give the worn out/outgrown ones to Bikes Not Bombs, not Goodwill.

I don't need a car to kill animals, anyway. the .22 works quite well on vermin and trolls alike.

I've never had to clear out

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I've never had to clear out animal corpses from under my car or anything else you site, it may have something to do with YOUR driving. Ya think?

Correlation with driving record

Zero accidents in 23 years of MA license and 29 years since getting my license - and that is none at fault or not at fault.

That's because I don't go head on with oncoming vehicles in attempts to keep my car clean, or swerve into other things.

I'd rather have a clean driving record even it it means I bring a bit of bloated Mr. Skunk home with me for the pressure washer to take care of.

It is also because I maintain my vehicles - including removing "nesting" material, invading critters, and checking for damage from abundant wildlife that chew on stuff, just like the citizen's connect poster who found the pinkie rats did above.


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The owner of the car should start of by removing all nesting materials from his vehicle ie: leaves etc.

I've been seeing a lot of

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I've been seeing a lot of (full sized) rats on the BU campus along Comm Ave outside the CAS building and The Dugout.

Wow, that's a big litter!

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Wow, that's a big litter! Just curious- How on earth did you kill them?


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They're cute. Rat's make great pets, intelligent, generally harmless.


You wanna see a rat infestation, hang out at reservoir station @ Cleveland Circle on the D line after dark. Tons in downtown crossing, too, and the financial district.

Are they really dead yet?

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Are they really dead yet? (In the picture, that is - I assume by now they certainly are.) I think that's the nest as he uncovered it - that's what it looks like to me. They're so young their eyes aren't open yet.

He says "I have to kill them," which could mean he kills them in general including this litter which is already dispatched, but could also means he has to kill (in the immediate future) this batch.


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Spring was early, the summer was nice and warm, and based on just what I see, and I think animal control got serious about stray cats this summer (there a few neighborhood regulars that I haven't seen in months). This all adds up to a very prolific summer for generations of rats.