Citizen complaint of the day: Is she feeding birds or alligators?

But where's the lox?But where's the lox?

A disgusted citizen reports the crazed bird feeder of Valenti Way is running amok:

I have seen discards that include deli salads such as tuna and chicken with mayonnaise, whole prepared sandwiches, vegetable salads, cookies, raw slices of meat and bone, two whole raw turkeys, and loaves of bread. Some of the food is so greasy that it stained the sidewalks for months. Not sure what kind of birds she has in mind, but I can tell you that it only exacerbates the rat problem caused by the mild winter and by the excavation at this location and at the lower block of Friend Street.



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    I work on Canal, this is the

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    I work on Canal, this is the site every day around lunch time. So not like this is a one time thing, its old dunkins muffins and bagels out every day

    I used to get into fantastic

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    I used to get into fantastic screaming matches with this gascunt when I lived near Bread & Circus. She'd go in, buy expensive bread and proceed to shred it in that little triangular sculpture. Then she'd go up to Edgerly park and do the same thing. The rats and flying rats persist because she still does it.

    People are fucking stupid for "feeding" urban birds. They should be arrested.


    This is littering. There's a

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    This is littering.

    There's a lady who dumps an entire loaf of Wonder Bread in one spot at the edge of the lagoon at the Public Garden and then screams when the Canada Geese chase her. D'uh.

    Got to call

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    the police or park rangers.

    Vermin can and will move on to find places with better food.

    Feeding them isn't helping them, because you're drawing a lot more of them to a single area, and artificially providing a food surplus.

    How about we all chip in and

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    How about we all chip in and buy each of these people a proper rat-proof bird feeder they can install at their home?