Citizen complaint of the day: Silver Line riders aren't trash

Going my way?Going my way?

A concerned citizen complains about the way the city placed new trash receptacles at the Silver Line stop on Atlantic Avenue:

This Big Belly is right in front of the loading zone for SL4 at South Station. Very poorly sited. We love the BBs but they are street furniture that should be placed - not plunked - appropriately.



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Are these owned by Wall?

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These seemed to be put out by the advertising department, not the DPW. Placement is based on where they would get highest visibility to drivers, not pedestrians. As the concerned citizen has pointed out, the pedestrian traffic seems to be a secondary consideration when locating these ad boxes.

Ad boxes?

Ad boxes? They're solar-powered trash receptacles.

Bostons shrinking sidewalks

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This is the second wave of these trash bins, the Globe did a story about them a little while ago. They are free to the city in exchange for more advertising. Like the Wall Inc sidewalk furniture (telephone kiosks, sidewalk billboards, bus shelters) they are put out free but seem to be placed not by where they are needed (well, we dont need any more billboards in the US) but by where the ad firms want them. Menino is totally unable to turn down advertising money, no matter how much already limited sidewalk space keeps shrinking.

I'd think the places that

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I'd think the places that need trash bins are the same places where advertisers want to be: near where there's high pedestrian traffic. And it should be easy to find such locations that don't obstruct anything.

It is nice to believe

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On Cambridge St between Whole Foods and MGH they put them away from the highest pedestrian traffic areas. Put them where people leaving town in a car can see them. They removed trash receptacles from areas that have a lot of trash. The new Ad boxes (aka, solar powered trash compactors) tend to be in low trash areas - at least on Cambridge St. As anon (not verified) - 12/6/12 - 11:55 am said, their placement is driven by things other then where trash needs to be collected.

ADA trumps advertising

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If it is indeed a bus stop, this placement is a violation of ADA requirements for bus loading zones. Clear and free of obstructions for at least 96 inches from the door. No adversting or any other obstruction may trump ADA!

Everyone calm down

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status: Closed. Case Resolved... they moved the big belly over from the loading zone.