Citizen complaint of the day: Too many complaints

See, I'm not the only one who obsesses over Citizens Connect reports: A put-out citizen complains about all the complaints:

I am legitimately disgusted by the amount of people complaining about incredibly trivial "issues" that they could easily fix themselves faster than the time spent posting to this app. if you want this city to be a better place to live, why not take some initiative and do it yourself? the real plight on Boston is the number of whiny, entitled, superficial humans pleading with the city to do something about some overgrown shrubbery, trash on the ground, or graffiti (which literally causes no real harm to anyone or anything besides the perceived harm of having to momentarily glance at something that you personally don't find aesthetically pleasing). think about what's really important next time you reach for your iPhone hoping to waste some more of the city's resources.

The city has already marked the complaint "closed" because Boston is now perfect "comments noted."



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      I think we need to get inside this person's house and spray graffiti on the walls. Doesn't do any harm.

      Anyway, I don't think my neighbors put the trash on street on Citizen's Connect because they don't know it is there. Blind I think, although if if that is true, I am not sure how they miss stepping in the human waste on the street.

      graffiti stinks

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      and so do the people who think its ok to damage other peoples property or clutter our minds with their mindless drivel.
      why dont you grow up and stop scribbling, and maybe you can make a real contribution to civilization instead of being spoiled little brats.

      I'm not sure

      but I think someone responded

      and I am disgusted that you find grafitti and trash on the streets acceptable and harmless... peeing dogs and territorial markings on street signs and property both public and private sends one message: we're worthless and don't care at all. now clean up after me. Thank you for your comment and for picking up a broom and paint brush at the next community gathering. enjoy the summer
      case id: 101000459908