Citizen complaint of the day: Trash on wheels in Copley Square

Trash convoy

A concerned citizen reports:

Unaccompanied trash and luggage next to Boston Public Library Copley. If this were just a backpack police would swarm it.


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Not trash

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I'm willing to bet that those items are actually the belongings of some homeless people who are using the library. While I appreciate the security concerns, it's probably best that this material is left outside.

You are correct. And it

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You are correct. And it shifts between there and the Boylston side of Trinity Church across the street from Finagle A Bagel.

I suspect this is all from

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I suspect this is all from one woman who sleeps out in the area. Her train of carts has been getting longer and longer over the last several weeks. Who knows what she's accumulating.

The woman by Trinity Church?

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The one you often find by the Phillips Brooks statue taking up a couple of benches with her collection?

This is the "property" of a

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This is the "property" of a women who the Trinity Church lets sleep in their doorway of Claredon St. she wheels it out every morning and repeats day after day.


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That's her. She's added to her collection.

It's really quite an amazing thing

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How does she move all those carts? Are they chained or tied together and she plays locomotive? I've never actually seen her doing anything but sit surrounded by her bags and carts, but I don't spend a lot of time in Copley Square.

She moves them cart by cart.

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She moves them cart by cart. It's not like anyone really wants to rifle through her stuff.

On site social worker.

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Should the Public Library Department of the City of Boston have an on site social worker?... like a few other city public libraries around North America.