Citizen complaint of the day: Whadaya mean, no kissing on the bike path?

A Noah Webster of a citizen complains about a sign along the Paul Dudley White Bike Path in Brighton that prohibits "busses:"

Poor spelling. Learn to spell buses.

The city marks the case "closed," because the Athens of America does, too, know how to pluralize "bus" - that there's a state Department of Conservation and Recreation sign.

UPDATE: Never mind; the city of Boston can't spell any better than the state.



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      I'm pretty sure both "buses"

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      I'm pretty sure both "buses" and "busses" are correct ways to pluralize "bus."

      Buses is the standard

      Buses is the standard spelling. Dictionaries include busses because it was used 100 years ago, and still shows up in print occasionally. When the more common spelling outnumbers the variant 10-1, I think it's reasonable to say the variant is wrong - even if you can find it in a dictionary.

      Learn to spell?

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      According to the American Heritage, Merriam-Webster, and Oxford English dictionaries, the plural of "bus" is either "buses" or "busses". There's nothing wrong with that sign.

      If that's the intersection in

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      If that's the intersection in Brighton of Western Ave, Birmingham Parkway and Arsenal Street this is about the LEAST of a biker or walkers worry!

      There are no pedestrial signals and the only crossing from the west goes straight across a blind turn for cars.

      But yes, the spelling of buses is very important.