Citizen complaint of the day: Yeah, there's a shortage of public toilets in the North End, but this is ridiculous

Public toilet

A concerned citizen reports this toilet has been parked on Charter Street for several days now.



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    several days?

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    I find it extremely hard to believe that not one person employed by the city has seen it.

    "Not my problem"

    It's a

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    shitty situation, all around.

    you can't put a toilet on the

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    you can't put a toilet on the curb for pickup - it's on the list of things the city trash people won't take.

    Where's the guy from

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    Where's the guy from yesterday's parking-saver discussion? I was disappointed not to see any frothing insistence that the $50 excise tax he pays on his car every year entitles him to ownership of a parking space, and thus gives him free reign to leave a lightly-used toilet on the street until such time as he deigns to use it.

    stop whining

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    If you're so highly concerned, why don't you head on over to the North End yourself and remove it from the street.

    $50 excise tax per year?

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    $50 excise tax per year? Maybe on a moped. I wish I payed that per month...

    The city is set to get almost $2K in excise from me this year. And I don't even park on the street - pay for garage spot in my building.

    Complaining about the excise

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    Complaining about the excise tax on your Bimmer isn't going to get you very far here, fella.

    For those not in the know, the City charges $25 per $1,000 of the list price of the vehicle, with a proscribed devaluation each year. This of course includes 10% off the first year, what a deal!

    Anyway, we can do math. You are whining.

    If you have a car that

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    If you have a car that originally listed at $20,000, and it's 5 or more years old, the excise tax is $50.

    If you don't want to pay $2000 in excise, don't buy an $88,888 car.