Citizen complaint of the day: Mail or trash, it's too hard to decide!

Mailbox right next to trashbox

A clarion call for the confused comes from a concerned citizen about the closeness of a trash receptacle to a mailbox on Beach Street in Chinatown:

People accidentally put mail into it and cannot get it back. Or dump trash into mail box. Please move it away from mail box.

Silver Line riders aren't trash.



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      Really? Even if you're illiterate or just plain stupid, it should be obvious which is which...

      Do we really need that much of a Nanny State?

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      I could see if you were EXTREMELY distracted by something, drunk and/or high,severely mentally challenged, or just plain mentally ill and off your meds, and confusing the two boxes.

      Easy to say until you do it

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      Easy to say until you do it yourself. I always worry that I'll drop my mail into the nearby trash can.

      Reflexive actions are the ones that can get us into the most trouble.

      $50 says

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      the complainer is the mailman, who's sick and tired of fishing garbage out of the mailbox every day during pickup.