City council narrowly approves new districts; mayor to review, groups could sue

The Dorchester Reporter updates us on the latest action over the city council's new map for the nine district seats, approved today in a 7-6 vote. At issue: Whether the plan packs too many minority voters in too few districts.



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Identity politics is so 19th

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Identity politics is so 19th Century! Please remind me how Boston is a World Class 21st Century City?


Isn't it just as racist to put 'minorities' in the same district because you assume they all want to vote for a minority candidate?

a) Bordering Streets' names unlabelled. b) Online overlays.

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a) Boston City Council hides the names of the Districts' Bordering Streets. Maps aren't labelled with the names of the Districts' Bordering Streets. All people interested in the information and maps haven't a convenient accurate map that can be understood easily.

b) Online overlays comparing maps, proposed maps, previous maps need to be made available.