City councilor, city lawyer get into such heated argument somebody summons security guards

The Dorchester Reporter provides the blow-by-blow of a blowup over diversity in city government between Councilor Charles Yancey (Dorchester) and city attorney William Sinnott:

The back-and-forth between Yancey and Sinnott and shouts from audience members caused a City Council administrative staffer to call the municipal police force, which sent several officers up to the fifth floor to check in on the hearing.



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No good guys

So Yancey cherry-picked some people to lob allegations of racism, without allowing any time or opportunity for rebuttal. Sounds like a silly stunt to me.

...But doesn't give Sinnott leave to jump up and launch into a loud tirade.

Shoe on the other foot

“Frankly, I’m mystified as to why we’re left with two and a half minutes of time,” said William Sinnott

That's usually what happens to the members of the public at these meetings - back of the bus - we'll give you 120 seconds after waiting 1-3 hours to speak and then we'll completely ignore your testimony as we "deliberate" for 5 seconds and then promptly do whatever the mayor/city council/governor have told us to do.