City, state officials: Urban Ring transit project is merely pining for the fjords

Remarkable project, the Urban Ring. The Mission Hill Gazette reports on a quiet little meeting at BRA headquarters to kick off planning for a study on linking the Blue and Silver lines as part of the Urban Ring - the crosstown subway bus line the state nailed to its perch in 2009.

"The project is dormant," Read explained. "Like trees, it'll come back to life when the season is right."

Also pining for the fjords.



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Its not dead..

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It's not dead... the East Boston Haul road was just completed. Why? Not only will it take the MassPort, Car, and Hotel Buses off of Neptune Road and Day Square, but its also designed to complete one arc of the Urban Ring. (the section between the Airport and Wellington via Chelsea)

There's already rumblings about extending the Silver Line to Chelsea at least via this new Haul Road. Every so often an article about the haul road will appear and it will say "May also carry Silver Line buses in the future"

It's needed. At least the Airport <-> Blue Line <-> Chelsea section is needed. Take a ride on the 111, 116, 117 sometime.. its VERY crowded. They can't run them fast enough and its many people going from Maverick to Chelsea Center. A Silver Line extension would alleviate much of this, providing it connects to Airport station.

Silver Line to Chelsea?

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Great idea. I would love to see the revenue on the Chelsea to Maverick buses. The T has to make money on that line. The amount of people in Chelsea Square at 230 in the afternoon when kids are getting out of school and parents are gearing up for their second jobs in town looks like photos of the Lower East Side in 1910.

This would be easy

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Trust me.. its sardines in a can.

Now the question looms, as I watch drivers just wave people with paper passes on, how accurate the AFC data would be.

Yet another reason why the T

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Yet another reason why the T needs to make it easier to put a weekly pass on a CharlieCard.

It would be pretty awesome to

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It would be pretty awesome to get this going, even if it is piece meal.

As an aside, I'm pretty sure my "favorite" part of the article was:

When first called for comment, MassDOT referred the Gazette to the BRA as the lead agency. The BRA referred the Gazette to MassDOT. MassDOT is the lead agency.

referring to the BRA?

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Why, exactly, would the logic be of the BRA being the lead agency on the Urban Ring?

It's obvious

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The BRA goes in the front.

/Thank you, please remember to tip your waitress.

urban ring with only one segment?

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Why does the urban "ring" only link the blue and silver lines?

Huh, the city is keeping right-of-ways clear...imagine...if...we...used...bicycles.... *head implodes*


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The Urban Ring is Five Segments.

Segment 1 - Airport to Wellington via Chelsea Center
Segment 2 - Wellington to Lechmere (via Assembly & Sullivan Squares)
Segment 3 - Lechmere to Longwood (via Kendall & Grand Junction ROW
Segment 4 - Longwood to South Boston
Segment 5 - South Boston to Airport (via Ted Williams Tunnel)

Segment 1 is most needed due to ridership on local buses in that area.