Clammers to sue Massport, jet-fuel company over spill they say ruined their clam beds near Logan

The East Boston Times reports on the impending suit over a fuel spill apparently caused by a worker falling asleep while he was "jamming the dead man."



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    I sometimes go to Constitution Beach (where these clam beds are). EW. You can smell the jet fuel miles away...

    I dont know how many can clam, let alone want to eat those said clams from that bed. Gross. It would be like eating fish from east river!

    Yeah, really hoping those

    Yeah, really hoping those aren't making their way onto the table at restaurants. Scallops and clams are the garbage vacuums of the ocean so I'm already wary of them in general, then go ahead and throw in ones right near the airport and it's disgusting.


    One animals poop

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    is another food.

    You really ought to look into what they feed beef, pork and chicken now...

    You're probably smelling jet

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    You're probably smelling jet exhaust from the planes idling on the taxiway.

    Revere Beach

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    The half of Revere Beach closest to Kelly's smells so strongly of jet fuel that I have an asthma attack every time I'm there. Yuck.

    I should start using the Wonderland half...

    Why aren't there more safety

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    Why aren't there more safety features besides the dead man?

    For example, why can't the fuel pump shut off after a certain number of gallons? I'd think flight crews would have very accurate information about how much fuel is left, so the fuel attendant could set the pump to shut off once the plane has what it needs.

    Could there also be a system installed on the drain outfalls that would separate oil before it gets dumped in the harbor?

    What about a way for the fuel pump to sense if it's spraying fuel into the air, rather than into a plane's fuel tank?

    new in these parts?

    Only when MassPort starts hiring on merit rather than kinship to a politician will things change. The really good stuff (Cf. the Worcester Airport fiasco)hasn't really hit the media yet. SEC registered bonds that presume income from an airport with no passenger carriers? Just what Tim Murray needs: something else to disturb his sleep.

    Well, it shouldn't be up to

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    Well, it shouldn't be up to Massport to decide what additional safety measures they need. It should be up to regulatory agencies like the state DEP or federal EPA.


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    Phil started talking and then he fell asleep