Closer, closer, yep, that dead whale's still on the beach

Noah Sachs forwards a link to these photos, taken by his friend Lars, who was out on the harbor today and took a series of shots as they got closer to that poor dead whale that's still just lying on the shore of a harbor island.



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    Explosives,you say? Might have to pull on my flame-retardant pants and reconnoiter that beach.


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    aren't the coyotes and rats eating this thing?

    Norway Rats

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    are on the majority of the Harbor Islands, including Georges, where the whale has beached, and rampant on some. Coyote are on a few Islands but not on Georges, at least not regularly.

    True, Rat

    The population is usually limited by the lack of food in the winter ...

    Going to be a big rat year, I guess.

    Have you ever been on the Outer Islands?

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    Rats abound and probably have since wary shipwrecks.
    My friends canoed overnight on one if the outer islands years ago and there campsite was literally overrun by the vermin.

    overrun by the

    overrun by the vermin.

    Rodentophobe, anti-immigrant hate speech.


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    that's fucking hilarious.

    Yeah my poor English made the rant complete

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    ( I blame auto correct on my phone.)
    But well done Whitey.

    You know those Norway rats, off the boat with no papers, took good scavenging jobs away from some American-born turkey vultures.

    Norwegian Blue Whale?

    It appears the whale carcass has migrated from Rainsford to George's Island. Are we sure it's a former whale, and not just resting?