Closing time on Blue Hill Avenue: Last bar left to pack it in

The owner of Packy Connors, 203 Blue Hill Ave., wants to sell his liquor license to a proposed Asian restaurant on the South Boston waterfront.

James Cairns goes before the Boston Licensing Board next week for permission for the deal. Coming on the heels of the Breezeway's decision to shut down this would mean Blue Hill Avenue will not have a single bar in Mattapan or Roxbury.

Shrine hopes to open this summer in an office building next to the federal courthouse.

Packy Connors was long the bane of police in District B-2, but after four people were shot outside at closing time, the bar instituted new security measures and stopped being a frequent visitor to the licensing board.



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The bane of Area B2...

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...not B3, which is a bit more south.

Oh, and also the bane of the neighbors who had to live next to it.

Fixed, thanks

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The Ave. Tav was the bane of B-3, and, of course, it's gone, too.

Kay's Oasis is still left on the Dorchester / Mattapan Line

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The night club Kay's Oasis still has it's liquor license further down BHA on the Dorchester / Mattapan Line...hopefully they will sell theirs but I bet they are making too much money to make it worht their while.

Many other bars within walking distance

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For those who think there are not enough bars in the area after the closing of Packy's and the Breezeway:

2805 Washington St.

C&S Tavern
Washington St.

958 Tremont St

604 Columbus Ave

Chin's Bar
91 Burrell St

In Feb. 2012 a man was shot in the head shortly after 11 p.m. and found in front of Chin's Bar. He was later pronounced dead, police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said. Detectives were looking for evidence in front of Chin’s Bar and Grill at the corner of Burrell Street and Norfolk Avenue.

And in Mattapan, there's Macumba Latina

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Granted, more of a dance place than your basic bar.

I didn't mean to imply there soon will be no place in all of Roxbury and Mattapan to get a drink, but I am struck by by the fact that what's basically the main thoroughfare through the neighborhoods will soon have no bars on it. Compare to Washington Street through Roslindale and West Roxbury - and just across the line in Dedham (hmm, I think the only place to get a drink along the West Roxbury stretch is one pizza place with a beer and wine license, but Roslindale and Dedham make up for that).

Walking distance?

I don't think most people will walk a half hour (1.5 miles) to get to a bar. That's like saying we don't need any bars in Porter Square because you could always walk to Harvard Square.

forgot about Aga's...

I refuse to acknowledge any list of local libations that looks over Aga's. A drink with a view!

Seriously, in no way can you consider these places "walking distance," and Slade's and Darryl's are clubs- not bars- since they have a cover charge during prime drinking hours.

See comments on liquor licenses in the Back Bay...

Strip all of the other details away...

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And all you need to know about how sad this is is that a place called "Packy Connors" is selling its liquor license to a place called "Shrine".



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This would be like the Brendan Behan shutting down and shipping its license to an "upscale Mexican-Cambodian fusion concept/bespoke cocktail lounge" in the Back Bay. Khmer Cantina jokes aside, the local pub losing out to the blue-shirt brigade is never a good thing. Especially when that local had perhaps the best wings in the city.

Yeah it's kind of odd that

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Yeah it's kind of odd that these license sales are even allowed to happen across neighborhood boundaries. What happens when all the licenses end up with Back Bay restaurant owners and the little hamlets of JP and Hyde Park go dry?

Wicked bad. Instead of going

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Wicked bad. Instead of going to Packy Connors, you gotta go down the Corner Packie's...