Coffee shop down in West Roxbury

Timothy's on VFW Parkway recently shut down and took all its coffee with it. The table area's still open to customers from the neighboring Bruegger's, where a cashier said the Canadian-based Timothy's (which has nothing to do with Tim Horton's) was an experiment that just didn't bring in enough customers. It opened only a year ago.




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    There used to be a Timothy's inside the Pru center

    which is now a...well you know...

    I don't drink flavored coffee anymore, but at the time Timothy's offered many varieties, and I liked stopping by there. I'd just assumed they got bought out know.

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    Why would you buy that

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    stuff when there's fabulous coffee at JP Licks???? I buy JP Licks beans all the time and they're so good.

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    The check is in the mail

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    Or I guess I should say the direct deposit will be made shortly.

    Thank You,

    The Management

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