College columnist punched in the face over column supporting same-sex marriage

The Herald reports on an incident at Bridgewater State University, involving this column.



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    whimsically wonder who THOSE 20% are when polling comes back saying 20% believed the weirdest, most irrational, or utterly racist things?

    Well, welcome to their net hangout.

    There' a very deep bigoted, supremacist / nationalist streak running through the GOP today. Not suprising, as there's white supremacists out there that have actively been courting and homing their message for wider adoption in the GOP. Yup, even the Klan does PR now.

    "Work from home!"

    I'm assuming that many of the folks who post on the Herald and are the cellar-dwellers paid by conservative "message framing" groups to parrot bullshit and keep the conversation about "Cadillac Devall" and Barry O's plan to lead the nation to its destruction.

    Of course many of them are free-lance fuckwads, spreading hate and bigotry just for kicks.

    Ah, yes, the whole LALALALA

    Ah, yes, the whole LALALALA IT DOESN'T HAPPEN LALALALA defense.

    Speaking as somebody who worked as a resident assistant for two years, it's true the definition of a "hate crime" is extended seemingly pretty far: writing "ur a faeg" on a bathroom stall door is treated as seriously as somebody screaming racial slurs.

    But hoaxes? Please.

    No witnesses, no video, no physical injuries? Hmmm.

    So we are asked to believe that someone concerned enough to read a student newspaper opinion piece, on a California topic no less, happens to randomly encounter the writer on campus and upon identifying her, winds up and punches her in the face? 6 pm on a busy campus and no witnesses? No apparent video? No reports of physical injury, not even the customary red mark? Police refusing to release a composite sketch?

    Perhaps the best part was the victim's quote in the Brockton Enterprise that the campus "is more conservative than people think." This is relevant how? This has all the hallmarks of the Quinn Matney case and so many "gay bashing" hoaxes like it. Can't wait for the results of the investigation.

    Horrendously written

    Their editor has 6th grade English skills?

    It was so badly written, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out for sure whether it was for or against gay marriage.

    Not the first time

    My son was the victim of systemic anti-semitic bullying at Bridgewater last year. VP Clark shifted it off to an administrator who blamed my son for not following the proper reporting procedures. The kids who harassed my son were never sanctioned, disciplined or otherwise held accountable. My son has been commuting from home (of course if the T cuts off commuter rail service, he's sort of screwed) until the semester's over and he's "out of there for good" with his degree.

    It's time for kids on state campuses to stand up against being bullied and the administration claiming it's a lot of nothing.