Copley Square rally against T cuts

Starts at 4:30 p.m. today, followed by one of the MBTA's don't-blame-us meetings at the BPL.



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On the local AM TV news it

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On the local AM TV news it was reported that this was an Occupy Boston protest.

It's a collaboration

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There are a bunch of groups that have come together to oppose the MBTAs plan. What a concept collaboration.

Definitely will be less

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Definitely will be less well-received in general if it's being touted as organized by OB. I certainly didn't appreciate being yelled at that I was a 'sheep' by Occ. Boston when they protested Christmas shoppers at the Pru mall. Yeah, getting Christmas gifts for my family makes me a sheep. Will patrons of the library be accused of being 'readers'?

it would be good if a lot of people show up

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no matter whether the are from one group or another.

Elected officials have to be convinced voters care about this issue so they'll get off their asses and deal with $3.7 billion non-MBTA debt dumped on the MBTA.

A lot of people showing up

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A lot of people showing up isn't going to help if the most vocal and visible people in that crowd are the usual professional protestors and nutters which hog media attention and turn off the general public.

The T won't listen...

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The behemoth T won't listen to a protest like this. Or any protest for that matter.

I think they're beginning to

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I think they're beginning to listen, and by they I mean the elected officials in the state house.