Crumbling Forest Hills bridge torn down overnight

Gone, bridge, gone.

No, don't worry, the Casey Overpass still stands. Late yesterday, Christian Scott forwarded this report about the old Tollgate bridge:

In the early hours of this morning the MBTA or AMTRAK or somebody removed the pedestrian bridge you posted about last month. I saw it being craned onto a flatbed this morning inside the lumber yard.

The phantom Tollgate.



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Nice job documenting this before it disappeared forever! Did the idea appear to you in a dream? Or is this just another inside job...

Yes, I'm a seer without peer

Either that, or I just finally heard the Voice on the T announce "Tollgate Way" so many times on the 34 to Forest Hills that I finally decided to take some pictures and figure out what the story was and just got very fortunate with the timing.

I saw them working on this

Drove by around 9:45, Saturday night. There was a giant crane in the lumber yard, and lots of additional equipment by the ice house. Tons of cops, too, and flat bed trucks parked in the Gourmet Caterers of Boston lot. I didn't realize they were taking the bridge, and actually entertained the idea that some movie scene might be shot there, as there were tons of flood lights focused on the bridge.

Oh well, one more bit of our interesting transportation past disappears. :(

Sad Day

I grew up right around the corner on Wenham St. I spent a large fraction of my misspent teenage years hanging out on the stairs of that bridge. Its sad to hear it's gone.

>> "the MBTA or AMTRAK or somebody removed the pedestrian bridge"
I'm voting for "someone", maybe one of my teenage buddies.