DA: Man murdered over pot stash while girlfriend, kids were next door

Prosecutors charged today that Oasis Pritchett fatally shot Alfonso Rivas in the head while trying to rob Rivas of a stash of pot in Rivas's Codman Square apartment on Oct. 17.

Pritchett, who survived getting shot in the chest in 2009, was ordered held without bail at his arraignment today in Dorchester District Court.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office says Pritchett and another man - still at large - decided to steal Rivas's pot stash in his Lyndhurst Street apartment:

Cell phone records show that Rivas took a phone call just before he was slain, Knight told the court, and surveillance images from the building show Pritchett and the second man speaking on a cell phone as they entered 14 Lyndhurst St. The surveillance images also show Pritchett and the second man fleeing four minutes later.

Knight said surveillance images and Charlie Card records track Pritchett from Lyndhurst Street to an MBTA station and onto a bus that took him past the murder scene. In a post-Miranda statement, Pritchett allegedly admitted that he was present at the scene.

Rivas, whose girlfriend and children were in an adjoining apartment during the shooting, was transported to Boston Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

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The banality of evil. Truly

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The banality of evil. Truly sociopathic behavior.

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