Dan Grabauskas could wind up in Honolulu

Grabauskas has a lei-away plan.

Honolulu is building an el (a $5.3-billion el) and the people in charge want to hire our own Dan Grabauskas to oversee it. Wonder if he gets an SUV out of the deal.

His current boss, at the Bronner Group, couldn't be more thrilled:

It is only fitting that America's most exciting mass transit project - in Honolulu - should have a transformational leader like Dan.



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I really don't get why the state got all up on his case. Obviously the T had problems - but didn't the state really just scapegoat him?

We've had a lot of ruinous planning over the T, and I don't think it's all because of one dude.

His tenure died so that...

Grabauskas came out and said the legislature and executive branch, and not simply mismanagement, share blame for the state of the T. He was right, so they canned him as soon as they had an excuse.

Now the T is threatening to blow up the whole damn system if the General Court and DP don't act, and people are listening and glaring their way.

Looks like Grabauskas gets the last laugh -- he kept getting paid, got free of the mess of this Commonwealth, and gets to go to Hawaii.

He's just the man

He is the right choice to manage their 5.3 billion dollar elevated project and to bring that 8.4 billion dollar project home and to be honored when the 12.9 billion dollar project is opened for business.

Hiring manager red flag

When a current employer is very glowing about an employee that they know is looking to move to a new department or company it is generally considered a red-flag. "Problem-dumping" is something a good hiring manager needs to be on the lookout for.

Take a note, HART.