Davis Square Red Line riders shocked to learn of death of beloved Metro hawker

UPDATE: Boston Metro eulogizes Tagliaferro.

Earlier today, Anthea noted the absence of the normal Metro guy at the Davis Square T stop for the past two days. The Somerville Journal tonight posts a photo of a simple sign posted in the T stop:

In memory of David J. Tagliaferro, 1945-2012. Rest in peace, David, you will be missed.

In 2007, Boston Magazine profiled Tagliaferro.



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My hawker's fine.

How's yours?

Because the Metro hawker I see every day at Davis,
is a middle aged deaf black woman, who is super nice and always waves hello. And she was just fine, as of this morning. :shrug:

He was on the other side

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Dave distributed papers on the Holland Street side. The woman you're talking about is on the College Ave side. Dave has been handing me my Metro everyday for 4 years - he was so nice. Always cheerful with a "good morning", and on days when I was running late and he saw me coming down the escalator while he was going up on his way out, he'd always reach over and hand me a paper. Always said hello when I saw him out and about in Davis Sq as well. He'll be sorely missed.

thank u

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Thank u all so much for the kind words my father loved his job and friends he saw every morning. God bless Debbie and Daves grandson Jakob


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On another note, I'd like to givea shout out to JoAnn at North Quincy.

I'm pretty grumpy in the morning but she always brings a smile to my face.


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It's sad to hear about him passing, though I always avoided taking a paper from him and felt kind of awkward about it.