Dear NHL: Think of the children

Kid with note for Lucic.

One of Joseph Donahue's parents forwarded these pictures and this note:

On a tour of the Bruins' locker room for season ticket holders, 7 year old Joseph Donahue of West Roxbury, MA snuck a note in to leave for his favorite player, Milan Lucic.

Perhaps a misspelling or two as he hurriedly wrote in on the drive in, but he successfully pulled it off. Now, the 180 million dollar (how far the sides are allegedly apart) question: When will the note be read?

Note for Lucic.



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"a misspelling or two"?

By on

The kid's a hockey fan. He's got a whole lifetime of bad spelling ahead!

If the kid really wants the player to read his note, he should have left it with the doorman at Lucic's agent's condo.

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