Deck the shelves ...

That Christmas spirit

The Dedham Lowe's already has a couple of aisles dedicated to Christmas lights and wreathes and singing Marilyn Monroe Christmas ornaments and icicles and all the other stuff without which you can't celebrate that most wonderful time of the year. But no giant inflatable Santas just yet - the shelves where those would normally go are still unaccountably filled with giant inflatable scythe-wielding Deaths on giant inflatable demon horses for those laggards who have yet to buy their Halloween decorations.



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The Waltham Costco

has had their Christmas stuff out since the tax holiday according to the cashier I talked to. I said it was too early, while purchasing two battery operated snowman lights.

Other holidays

And where were the Labor Day decorations? Geez, they must have gone really fast, I swear I never saw them on the shelves...;-)

While we're on the subject, speaking as a Jewish man, I always find it comical that supermarkets tend to drag out ALL the Jewish foods to a special display before all the major Jewish holidays, regardless of what foods are actually appropriate for the particular holiday. It would be the equivalent of having the shelves full of Easter eggs at Christmas, or seeing Christmas ornaments on supermarket shelves in March/April.

Just give it time.

Eventually the half-price sale of the last year's end of year religious, secular, et al. holidays (i.e., before 1/1) will immediately be followed with the new year's selection (which will be strangely similar to last year's models).

But then the end of year advertising preparation begins in summer.

I see it now: a year round celebration of the end of the year. If a Christian oligarchy comes to power, or if some Congress declares this to be a theocracy afterall, then there will be a Christmas tyranny with the Wise Men, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus of course, and the barn animals sternly looking at us from all sorts of advertising with a grim reminder that every day is that Special Time of Year.

Thank goodness

Early Christmas decorations at Family Dollar were a life-saver the year my 4yo wanted to be a Christmas tree for Halloween!